Evgeniy Makeev




Experienced software engineer, architect and hands on engineering manager with the proven ability to lead development teams and deliver high-quality, scalable designs and high performance software. Strong analytical and problem solving capabilities have resulted in major contributions to a wide variety of development projects. Proficient in object-oriented design and development, low-level and application software programming and debugging, network programming, protocols design and implementation, multithreaded programming and code optimization, cryptography algorithms implementation and optimization, and client/server systems design and development. Excellent diagnostic and debugging skills. Author/co-author of multiple search, online advertising and cloud serving patents and patent applications.


Technical background



Programming Languages: Go, C++, C, Python, Java, PHP, JS, Assembler.

Platforms: UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac OS




Sep, 2012 – Present

Facebook, Inc. / Meta, Inc.; Menlo Park, California, USA

Positions: Engineer


Compute Offload Discovery and Advertisement Protocol & Platform: Initial draft, proposal, protocol definitions & POC prototype implementation. gRPC based protocols & services for service/system telemetry, monitoring & reporting, custom CoreDNS module for real time network monitoring & DNS based load balancing.

Unified Service Management Orchestration project: author of ONOS certificate issuance & management service as well as Target gNMI client and gNMI proxy.

Author & maintainer of Magma. Author of Magma's REST API, access control & security frameworks, platform APIs & libraries, setup and maintenance of the project’s Go based development/test environment. System security evaluation & architecture. 

MNO Core Integration Gateway Design & Development, S6a (HSS) Proxy, Gx(PCRF) / Gy(PCEF) Proxy ( Mobile Data Offloading product designer & lead, developed EAP-AKA, EAP-SIM, Radius & AAA Services. 

Contributor & maintainer of Go-Diameter; Implemented Go-diameter multi-streaming SCTP support. Magma Neutral Host architecture & implementation. Author of Go based Magma Gateway infrastructure & services as well as embedded OpenWRT MDO product.

Community Cellular Manager checkin protocol optimization. 

Designed & developed Messenger for Business Partner SDK, Messenger Bot Webhook API and created backend service for real time bot message deliveries.

Responsible for Facebook View Tag engineering, monitoring and security. Design and development of ad partner products & features such as Search Intent Targeting, ad landing page related products/features.

Designed & developed Wormhole Proxy, Wormhole local cache storage and other Wormhole related features. Wormhole is a critical part of infrastructure responsible for real time cache invalidation/synchronization as well as other backend services.



May, 2003 – June, 2012

Yahoo, Inc.; Sunnyvale, California, USA

Positions: Architect; Senior Engineering Manager; Principal Software Engineer.


Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, COM, SMTP, HTTP; Boost; C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript;


Designed & developed Naïve Bayes based matching/training module for Algorithmic Page Layout prototype (nodejs).

Designed Sponsored Search Front End Server (SSFE) framework and implemented core components of the framework. SFFE framework later became one of the models/use cases for Yahoo cloud-serving engine platform and its cloud-hosted application container.

Designed Sponsored Search Gateway Global Service Load Balancing. Led Sponsored Search serving performance optimization effort.

Was responsible for security reviews of Sponsored Search backend products/architecture as the team’s security liaison (local paranoid).

Managed a group of engineers responsible for development, maintenance and support of Yahoo Sponsored Search backend YST based service – King Kong.

Authored/co-authored several Search, Ad Marketplace and cloud serving related patents.

Developed Panama Sponsored Search related features for Yahoo Search relevance functionality.

Designed and developed a C++ object oriented framework for YST King Kong (Yahoo/Inktomi search infrastructure based ad serving platform) module which enabled simplification and unification of King Kong related development and internationalization.

Designed and developed a critical Y Mail next generation backend synchronization module – Lease Server.

Prototyped Yahoo security suite client firewall diagnostic service.

Was responsible for development of multiple key modules of Yahoo Web Accelerator product based on Yahoo/Inktomi caching technology – Traffic Server.




Dec, 2002 - May,2003

Cloudmark, Inc. San Francisco, California, USA

Position: Senior Software Engineer


Windows 2000/2003 server, LINUX, COM, SMTP, HTTP; C, C++;


Designed and developed Windows SMTP Server based SPAM filtering solution for MS Exchange Server.

Developed Linux SMTP Server based SPAM filtering system.



April, 2000 - Dec, 2002

Inktomi Corporation. Foster City, California, USA.

Position: Senior Staff Engineer


UNIX, LINUX, Windows NT/2000: SSL, LDAP, XML, BGP; C, C++;


Performed general design of Inktomi's HTTP/DNS based redirection system – Inktomi Traffic Redirector. Defined architecture and protocols of the system. Designed and implemented Proximity(BGP based), Load Balancing, Policy, IO, and SDK (plugin) modules of the redirection system. Provided technical leadership for a group of four engineers. Designed and wrote software for caching HTTP proxy server - Traffic Server. Designed and implemented asynchronous IO Completion ports based SSL termination module of Traffic Server.

Redesigned and implemented LDAP authentication support Traffic Server.




Sept, 1997 - March, 2000

Websense Inc. (NetPartners Internet Solutions Inc.),

San Mateo, California, USA. Web screening & security solutions.

Position: Senior Software Engineer


Windows NT, UNIX (Solaris); Ethernet, TCP/UDP/IP, HTTP protocols, Sockets, JDBC; C, C++, Java.


Cross-platform (Win32 & UNIX) C++ class library design and development (threads, synchronization objects, networking).

C++ TCP server design, implementation and performance optimization on UNIX and Win32. Java

TCP/UDP servers design, development and performance. Responsible for the general server architecture and implementation for the WebSENSE line of products on WinNT and UNIX. Provided technical leadership for a group of five engineers.

TCP/IP/Ethernet Protocol sniffer design and development for ISP based web content filtering system - WebSENSE-ISP.

Developed cross-platform (Win32, UNIX) SMTP client. Development of WinNT Ethernet-TCP protocol driver, WinNT services and UNIX daemon processes.



March, 1996 - Sept, 1997

FWB Inc. / FWB Software LLC, Menlo Park, California, USA

Mass storage software, disk management software.

Position: Network Software Engineer


IBM PC, Macintosh; Win32 (Win95/NT), Mac OS;

Windows Sockets, Open Transport; C++, C, Assembler;

TCP/UDP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, AppleTalk; PPC Toolbox, OpenTransport.


HTTP server design & development(Win32, WinSock 2.0; HTTP, TCP/IP).

Designed & developed network registration and site license control system (AppleTalk; NBP, ZIP).

Designed cross platform C++ communication class library. Developed disk driver remote control system for Macintosh (PPC Toolbox, OpenTransport; SMTP, TCP, UDP, IP).



March, 1992 - March,1996

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel

Professional Software Protection Systems

Position: Senior Software Engineer

Macintosh/PowerMac - Internals, Network, C++, C, Assembler 68K/PPC;

IBM PC - C++, C, Assembler, Network (IPX, NETBIOS), DPMI, Windows 3.1;

Microcontrollers PIC16C54/56 - Assembler;


IBM PC: Implemented and optimized public & secret key cryptography algorithms. Designed & developed hardware key based network protection system. IPX, NETBIOS network protocols, Novell NLM, VAP programming. Protected mode programming, MS Windows, DOS Extenders DPMI. Developed hardware key based software protection system.

Developed DOS screen/keyboard driver.


Macintosh/Power Macintosh: Designed C++ applications framework class library. Hardware key based software protection systems development: device programming (PIC16C54/56 assembler, ADB). Hardware key based network protection system design and development: Client/Server system design (AppleTalk; NBP, DDP, LAP). Designed & developed fonts protection system. Designed & developed “envelope” applications protection system.



Education: MS in Aerospace Engineering; Kharkov's Aerospace University, Kharkov, Ukraine


Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian