Reader / Writer Lock Implementations and their Performance

Reader - Writer Lock Implementations

Implementation Additional information
Mutex / Critical Section
source System Lock Implementation
Classic Reader/Writer Lock
PTread Reader/Writer Lock
Evgeniy's Non-blocking Reader/Writer Lock
source Written by Evgeniy Makeev in early 1998.
Multiple readers - one writer interface class. Implements multiple readers one writer mechanism. Optimizes readers speed, provides fast readers synchronization when no writers are waiting. Useful when data is needed to be written/changed only occasionally but it is read often by multiple threads.
Stefan Gustafsson Reader/Writer Lock
source Original Post
Simple Reader/Writer Spin Lock (Posted by Pavel Lebedinsky)
source Posted by Pavel Lebedinsky <pll@INFRA2000.COM> on
Evgeniy's Shared Counter R/W Spin Lock
source Linux atomic utilities implementation  
Win32 atomic utilities implementation

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